Lorraine Dixon

My name is Lorraine Dixon and I am the founder of Open Narrative. I love to write and as an English teacher and life coach I want to share my passion for language and the written word.


I have been journaling for over twenty years and I write everyday based upon the teachings of Julia Cameron’s, The Artists’ Way. But I never read back any of my daily reflections, rants and raves.  Piles of journals lay dusty in the attic.


In 2015, I was frustrated at not being able to remember the smaller subtler changes taking place in my life. Ok, the big things are easy to remember but it’s the little things that we forget. I wanted somewhere to write and be able to see how my thoughts and feelings were shifting as I grew. So, I created Being Me, a five-year diary with simple but evocative questions as a daily guide of what to write about.


In 2017, I published Being Me so that others could record their journey. I took a leap of faith that I wasn’t alone in wanting to remember more than big life events and see how I was growing and changing in our fast-paced world. I believe that Being Me is the opportunity for everyone to take a few minutes each day, no matter how busy they are, to write down a few words that will enable them to remember the little things well into the future.


This was the beginning of Open Narrative and as we all know a story has a beginning, middle and an end. As I write, my story with Open Narrative continues and there are exciting new products and ideas in planning and production.


‘Follow your own star.’

Dante Alighieri


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