Behind Open Narrative

My name is Lorraine Dixon, and I am the founder of Open Narrative. I currently live in my hometown of Sheffield. 


I have worked in several different industries and before starting my own company I had a career in adult education specialising in English language and literacy. I lived in Italy for a while, where I found my passion for the English language and teaching. 

I have been a photographer, a graphic designer, a call centre operative, a sales manager, a teacher and a restaurant owner. In fact, we still have a little Italian restaurant, which my husband runs. I have travelled to different parts of the world such as Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Egypt, Uganda, Norway and Iceland but there are still so many places I would love to visit.


The beginning of Open Narrative

In 2015, I was frustrated at not being able to see how I was changing and growing as a person even though I was, and still am an avid journaler (person who journals). I was finding it hard to identify and remember the smaller subtler changes taking place in my life. Ok, the big things are easy to remember but it’s the little things that we forget. I wanted somewhere to write and be able to see how my thoughts and feelings were shifting as my life changed. So, I created Being Me, a five-year Q&A reflective diary and in 2017 it was published. 

In 2019 I created and published Reflections, a Q&A conversation card game and in 2020 I published My Journal, a creative space to record longer pieces of writing as well as sketches and artwork. 


My story with Open Narrative continues and there are exciting new products and ideas in planning and production.


“Follow your own star.”  Dante Alighieri

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