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My Journal is a creative space where you can tap into your imagination, unleash your inspiration and uncover how to write a journal your own individual way by giving a voice to your dreams and aspirations.

Available in four seasonal colours to take you through the year or you can just choose your favourite.

Also available as a set of four.

Express Yourself!
It’s time to unleash your imagination.

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Each day has a double-page spread but you can write as much or as little as you like. The first page has lines for free writing and a space to write a short summary or key points from the day. These can be special moments, things you are grateful for, comments or anything you just want to remember. The second page is a creative space of fine dots so you can draw, write or doodle. You can stick, glue, paint and simply create to your heart’s content.

This is your journal and it is yours to use in a way that works for you. There is no wrong way to use it. The important thing is that you use it regularly.

These A5 journals come in a choice of four colours and each journal has 96 double pages for you to get creative and tap into your imagination.

ISBN 978-1999-3490-1-1


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