Reflections Card Game

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Reflections is an easy to learn card game which encourages players to explore and discuss a range of interesting topics related to wellbeing for everyday situations.

Reflections question cards also make great journaling prompts.



Reflections covers four key themes:

  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Work and Career
  • Family and Relationships
  • Money and Finance

The question cards promote meaningful discussions, while Kindness cards bring opportunities to express gratitude and build positive connections.

Reflections is designed to make your conversations more meaningful so you can get more out of your connections to others.

Reflections 48 question cards can also be used as prompts for journaling when you’re just not sure what you want to write about.

Age: 12+
Players: 2-4
Playing time: 30 – 60 minutes
Ease of Learning: Suitable for all

Reflections is printed on FSC paper and printed in the UK. It has been designed to be sustainable and cost effective while delivering a quality product for the purchaser.


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